Montana, a sustainable storage solution?

12 March 2019
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As you know, we at YUME have searched high and low (and will continue to do so) in order to find products that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. In the case of Montana, we really didn’t have to broaden our search, as the well-established brand has its roots solidly planted in the Danish soil.

Anyone who has searched for a beautiful storage solution (and who hasn’t?), will know that storage is a tricky one. You want it to look good. You also want it to be practical and cover all of your needs. And if you are anything like us, you also want it to be sustainable. And that is – to be quite frank – almost an impossible task to fulfill. You could always go for a vintage solution which is definitely an option. That is, if you’re able to find one that matches your needs. Maybe it’s the ideal storage for shoes you’re looking for. Or maybe it’s the dresser that will just fit into the corner of your bedroom. Or maybe you’re looking for something that can hold both clothing, shoes and books at the same time?

All of the above is the reason why we decided to find a storage brand that could fit nicely into our portfolio. And all of the above is the reason why we chose Montana, as there really are endless possibilities (42 colours and custom solutions), and a very honest approach to sustainability that started the minute the company was founded by Peter J. Lassen back in 1982.

Toy Storage

Good for the world – kind to the eyes

Montana has its production on the beautiful Danish Island, Funen, where all the fiberboards are cut out, painted in rich waterbased shades, assembled and dispatched. Here, all employees work under one roof in the middle of the countryside in order to ensure that Montana’s high standard of quality is maintained and that everything is produced under conditions that respect both workers and the world surrounding us.

Montana was one of the first Danish businesses to run ‘cradle-to-cradle’ analyses of the environmental impact of its products. Minimising this environmental footprint is something that Montana takes very seriously. Here are some hardcore facts:

Moreover, Montana has in recent years raised the bar for social responsibility even further as it now employs refugees as interns in order to promote equality and integration into the local communities.


Everlasting love

By now, you should have a better understanding of how Montana works with sustainability. There’s just one final thing we’d like to add: Montana is not just sustainable because they make furniture from sustainably sourced materials and with great attention to ethical manufacturing – they also make furniture that will last you a lifetime.

The superior craftsmanship, high quality and timeless design ensures that the Montana system will survive from generation to generation and can be moved from room to room. And what’s more: It can be renewed and reorganised when your needs change. Thus, there is no doubt that it will last you a lifetime and probably also a generation to come.

Shoe storage

About the classic Montana Storage System

Peter J. Lassen, founder of Montana, believed that people needed freedom in order to display their personality and to curate spaces in the ultimate personal way. Thus, the mathematics behind the Montana system was developed so that every Montana element could be combined infinitely. And with 36 modules, 4 depths and nothing less than 42 vibrant colors to choose from, it is safe to say that the Montana system provides endless opportunities. All you have to do is to let your imagination run wild and mix and match as you please.

YUME & Montana

Please note: The original 12mm storage system is made on the basis of all of the above-mentioned sustainable parameters. However, Montana now manufactures a wider range of products that have also been designed by others and are not manufactured on Montana’s own production site in Denmark. As a direct result of this, we have chosen to only carry the 12mm system in our portfolio.

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