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“If We Don’t Change Direction, We’ll End Where We’re Going”

11 June 2020

“If we don’t change direction, we’ll end where we’re going”

We don’t know about you, but this quote really resonates with us these days.⁠⠀
As we face a world in dire need of a paradigm shift on oh so many levels, we have thought long and hard about how we can make the best of our time and efforts. We feel a strong urge to do something new, something different, something…more. That is why we have come to the very hard decision of closing down our Sustainable Design Concept Store in Copenhagen. ⁠⠀
It is a bittersweet decision, as it is a space we are very proud of and feel a strong connection to. We feel confident that the world needs a place like this. But right now, we need to prioritise our time so that we can make the most of who WE are and where WE are going.⁠⠀
YUME will still exist online and we will still do both styling, interior and consulting jobs somewhere in between the field of sustainability, design and communication. We will probably also pop up here and there. But most importantly, we will focus even more on sustainability making sure that this long awaited paradigm shift will actually take place. As you may gather, we do have quite a bit to unveil for all of you. More to come on that later. But for now, we will make the best of the last days in our beautiful space. ⠀

Final Sale⁠⠀

As our last opening day in the Concept Store will be Tuesday June 30th 2020, we have quite a few of our sustainable favourites that will be up for grabs at drastically reduced rates.

Our final sale starts this friday exclusively in our Concept Store,
June 12 2020 at 11 am, and last until our last opening day.

It will include demo models, discontinued items and the like to make sure that it will be given new life. Save up to 60% on selected items. There will find handmade products from local artisans all over the world, upcoming designers and more established Danish brands such as Montana and Mater.

If you want to stay updated on our final sale, we recommend you follow us our Instagram @yumecph

Feel free to stop by and say hi. Otherwise, we feel confident that we will meet out there in the real world in some way or another. ⁠

With love, dedication and a new direction, ⁠⠀

YUME 💫⁠⠀


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