About Us

YUME is a hybrid between a sustainable design concept development studio and a highly curated sustainable design shop. 

 WWW.YUMECPH.COM -  an online platform where sustainability meets design.



Yume is the Japanese word for dream. It is our dream to change the way we approach sustainability and design. 

We want to inspire to a continuous focus on sustainability when shopping for furniture, lighting, home accessories and lifestyle products. And when living life in general.

That’s why we’re both an online store and a Concept Development Studio. For an entire range of sustainable fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle & kids items, go to our sister company



The YUME edit

We aim to inspire in everything we do. From the products we sell to the stories we tell. Our online magazine, The yume edit, is centered around sustainable stories that will, hopefully, inspire you to live a sustainable lifestyle that is fun, new and exciting. It is not about taking things away from you that you love. It is about presenting you with exciting sustainable options.

Read more in The yume edit.

Design for Good

Yume is based in Copenhagen, but we do our very best to have a truly international outlook. We have travelled the world (CO2-emission free obviously), turned stones and met wonderful people in order to be able to present a selection of carefully curated sustainable design products. Our aim is to bridge sustainability and design, and we have gone to the end of the world and back in order to obtain a portfolio that lives up to our strict aim towards a clear design profile.



Sustainability is at the core of our company and in our product portfolio, you will find nothing but beautiful design pieces and brands that do good in one way or another. They may be environmentally friendly. They may also be socially conscious. They may be both.
To read more about our take on sustainability click here.

The yume promise

We practice what we preach. That’s why we will donate 10% of our profits to an NGO that will help us reinvest this money where it can do most good.

The idea is to support local artisans around the world. We have so many skilled people out there. Why not help them grow their ideas and local designs?

Our donations will, ultimately, lead to products we can sell in our shop. This way, we’re not only fostering local artisans’ ability to create, but also providing them with an opportunity to sell their pieces and thus make a living for themselves.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

We call this initiative the YUME promise. And we will stick by it every day.


YUME Projects

YUME Projects is our creative consultancy specialized somewhere in the field between sustainability, communication and design. 

At YUME Projects, we offer consulting and guidance in sustainable concept development, sustainable design, strategic branding and communication for our clients. 


For contact information and examples of our work with past and present clients, click here.