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DEAR SANTA: Our Conscious Wish List

5 December 2019

This year we’ve eyed out a few items from different sustainable brands. We’ve added these to our take on a more conscious wish list, alongside a few of our favourite products from the YUME portfolio. Each one of the brands work differently with and around sustainability, as there’s truly no one size fits all to sustainability. It’s our hope that this wish list can inspire you to make your Christmas a bit more conscious in your own unique way.
We hope that Santa will get the list on time..

  1. A true YUME classic! The Mr. Big Glass Vase looks amazing anywhere. We love that it is both beautiful and sustainable, as it is handmade in Spain from recycled glass. 127€. Find it HERE.
  2. We’re in love with this amazing shirt made from a heavy silk material. Creating “made to order” pieces and designing clothes from deadstock materials the brand behind, Proem Parades, are what we wish to see more of in the fashion industry. 214€. Find the Adda Silk Shirt HERE.
  3. Why not wish for something that you can enjoy for an entire year? Like a membership to Aros. At YUME we would love to see the exhibition ‘Far From Home’ that explores the question: what is home? Find it HERE.
  4. One of the newest additions to the YUME universe is Polar Jewellery. Polar works with ethically sourced materials and social consciousness. As an example, they collaborate with Danish NGO Grønlandske Børn, which help secure a safe childhood and improved future for children in Greenland. We’re really into The Magician Earcrawler from their Tarot collection. Perfect for dressing up any holiday outfit. 94€. Find it HERE.
  5. Made of 100% recycled plastic, and 100% beautiful. The Delta stool can be used in 100 different ways, it’s up to you. What more could you wish for? Maybe that it’s also 100% recyclable? – Of course it is! Find it HERE
  6. Everyone in the YUME-team uses the ECOCERT certified Organic Cleanser by Yroli Skincare. It leaves the skin clean and silky smooth, without drying it out. Simply the best addition to any skincare routine, or for some extra self-care. Yroli’s entire range of products are made in Denmark with pure and biodegradable oils. Oh, and it’s unisex so it can be used by everyone… Find it HERE.
  7. This winter we would love using Skagerak’s Teapot on those cold winter days. Warming up with tea poured from the terracotta pot, and snuggling under a warm blanket. We cannot wait for the holidays to come around. 139€. Find it HERE.
  8. Are you like us, already preparing for the new year? Plan for 2020 in style with the KBHAVN Calender. It comes in a wall and family edition, with a reusable frame made from Danish oak – all you have to do is buy new calendar inserts once the new year arrives. 60€. Find it HERE

Merry Christmas from the YUME Team.


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