The Yume guide to sustainability

In order to make the sustainable aspects of each product as visible as possible, we have decided to individually label each product. We do this so that it’s hopefully easy for you as a consumer to decode what is sustainable about a certain product. You can always read more in the Sustainability section under each product, but we suggest you also take a look at the overall sustainability indicators. They’re pretty much self-explanatory but if you’re in for the bigger picture, you can find a detailed description of each indicator right here.

YUME sustainable design we give backWhat it means: The designers or brand behind this product give back to society – in one way or another.

Why we care: The fact that we can help people or planet when shopping is a welcome initiative that we would like to support.

YUME sustainable design water based paintWhat it means: The ink used for this product is water-based.

Why we care: Water-based ink is comprised from naturally occurring substances and, thus, is better for the environment and better for you in your home.

YUME sustainable design vegetable tanned leatherWhat it means: Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using ingredients found in natural materials such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots.

Why we care: Vegetable tanning doesn’t involve harmful chemicals like chromium salts.

YUME sustainable design sustainable harvestingWhat it means: The wood used for this product has been sustainably harvested. This means that great attention is given to preserving the forests and that regeneration and the long-term wellbeing of the forest is high on the agenda.

Why we care: We can’t say this enough. Trees are our heroes. They absorb CO2, they provide oxygen and they provide shade for our homes.

YUME sustainable design upcycledWhat it means: Upcycling is when you aren’t breaking down materials in order to remake them into other products (recycling), but when you’re using the exact same material for a different purpose than originally intended.

Why we care: Upcycling is a great way of using existing products that would otherwise go to waste.

YUME sustainable design social enterpriseWhat it means: This product is made in a social enterprise

Why we care: Social Enterprises make sure to support their local communities and their workers

YUME sustainable design reuseWhat it means: This products is fully or partially re-usable.

Why we care: Reuse avoids creating waste and provides us with an opportunity to creatively use already existing products and materials

YUME sustainable design recycledWhat it means: This products is fully recycled or contains recycled elements

Why we care: The more we can use existing materials and products, the less we consume. When we recycle, we turn otherwise trash into new products.

YUME sustainable design rechargeableWhat it means: This specific product is rechargeable.

Why we care: No bulbs are needed for this lamp and the product lifetime spam is pretty much forever. Thus, there’s really no need to produce new items.

YUME sustainable design led lightingWhat it means: This product’s light source is LED – Light Emitting Diode.

Why we care: LED lamps have a lifespan which is significantly longer than traditional light bulbs.

YUME sustainable design handmadeWhat it means: This one is quite self-explanatory: No machines have been used in the making of this product.

Why we care: We believe, there is something very beautiful and genuine about handmade products. Furthermore, the minimization or complete exclusion of machines in production will, ultimately, lead to more employed workers. It’s a win-win in our world.

YUME sustainable design fairtradeWhat it means: According to World Fair Trade Organization, the definition of Fair Trade is the following:
‘Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.’

Why we care: It is important to us that workers have been treated in a fair way when producing the products we have in our portfolio.

YUME sustainable design country of originWhat it means: The materials used in this product are from the same country as where the product is produced.

Why we care: The closer the materials are to the actual production site, the smaller is the impact from transportation.

YUME sustainable design co2 neutralWhat it means: The overall CO2 emissions coming from the production, packaging and transportation of  this product are offset through international reforestation projects.

Why we care: CO2 is one of several greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Very simply put, the increasing level of CO2 in the atmosphere has – among other things – lead to global warming. Thus, any initiative to reduce CO2 output is much appreciated.

YUME sustainable design plant a treeWhat it means: The manufacturer of this product will plant one or more trees on the basis of each product sold. Check the Sustainability-section under each product for specific details. Some of our top performers will plant as much as 100 trees per product sold.

Why we care: Trees are our heroes. They absorb CO2, they provide oxygen and they provide shade for our homes.