The Yume compass

In our product portfolio, you will find nothing but beautiful design pieces and brands that do good in one way or another. They may be environmentally friendly. They may also be socially conscious. They may be both. We have searched the world, turned stones and paved pathways in order to find unique products that are truly beautiful – and truly do good.

These days, sustainability is anything, everything and nothing. Thus, we have found it necessary to set up our own criteria when it comes to sustainability. Each and every single product in our portfolio has been weighed against four overall categories: People, Place, Process & Product.

We have used these four categories as a guiding tool in order to assess whether or not the individual product fits our sustainability criteria. As an overall term, we call this The YUME Compass.

The YUME Compass

Here, we have looked into who made the product.
Here, we have looked into where the product is made.
Here, we have looked into how the product is made.
Here, we have looked into what the product is made of.

Basically, we have used hours and hours of research on finding answers to the above questions so that you can use your time on finding the designs that you love. Should you be interested, you can always find answers to these questions in the sustainability section under each product in our portfolio.

Moreover, we have individually labelled each product with one or more of our sustainability indicators.
Read more about our sustainability indicators and why they matter to you in the section below.