A Big City Escape to Stedsans In the Woods

28 November 2019

This week, with a very particular Black Friday in mind, we thought it might be time to give you a little inspiration for a more sustainable version of how to treat yourself to something nice. Last year on Black Friday, we shared our heroes when it comes to sustainable living within fashion, design and communication (Click here for a full read). This year we’re sharing another one of our heroes, and one that is truly inspirational when it comes to sustainable living. From a fast pace to a slow space, we’re taking an escape from the big city and leaving mindless consumerism behind. Join us for an off the grid experience to Stedsans in the Woods.

A beautiful retreat in the middle of the Swedish forest, the owners Mette and Flemming have a holistic view on sustainability: At Stedsans you will sleep in eco-friendly cabins and eat in their forest restaurant. Most of the food is from their own permaculture farm, and has been harvested the same day as you eat it. As an overnight guest, you can enjoy the afternoon in their boat house spa where drinks and snacks are served, and the family-style dinner is prepared over open fire. They even recycle the water, and therefore provide guests with biodegradable soap for showering, how cool is that? 

Stedsans in the Woods truly goes above and beyond when it comes to both world-class hospitality and sustainability. 

We at YUME dream of taking a little break from our busy lives, and enjoy nature, food and the incredible experience a stay at Stedsans is. As they wish to preserve the area, Stedsans is closed until May 2020, but will open up for bookings again soon.

We feel confident that spending a night here, will give you a longer lasting boost of happiness. 

Safe travels!











Photos by Inge Skovdal & Stine Christiansen


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