Illustration – The Lady in Red (Limited Edition)

The Lady in Red by photographer Morten Nordstrøm. Limited Edition of 100.

As I was photographing a bunch of kids for the opening of a school in the Taplejung Region, I noticed this old lady who sort of kept to herself in the back. I was immediately drawn by her calm spirit and her weathered face that told hundreds of stories of a long, hard life. Impeccably dressed in her vibrant red clothes, she totally won me over.’

The print is the result of a co-lab between Human Practice Foundation, Morten Nordstrøm and YUME. The photos are all shot in
Nepal, where Human Practice Foundation focuses its activities. By building schools, designing quality educational programs and implementing other high impact projects, HPF creates the foundation for a better life and hope for a better future.

Each print is signed and numbered and profits from the sales are donated to Human Practice Foundation.
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– Cradle-to-cradle certified paper
– Cradle-to-cradle certified ink
– Produced in a C02 neutral printing house
– 100% Biodegradable
– Profits donated



Size: 30×40 & 50x70cm
Material: 170 g paper. Cradle-to-cradle certified paper. Cradle-to-cradle certified ink. Biodegradable
Details: Each print is signed and numbered