Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion by Humdakin.

Humdakin’s delicate hand lotion, helps keep your skin looking healthy, while helping to reduce the appearance of a stressed skin.

This hand lotion is a unique, light and moisturizing formula, which is effectively absorbed into the skin. The hand lotion will keep your hands moisturized, protected, not oily and will leave your hands silky smooth with a pleasant fresh scent. Sea buckthorn and chamomile have some remarkable soothing qualities for dry or sensitive skin.

Apply the lotion after washing your hands, and massage slowly into the skin.

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– The product does not contain any dyes og parabens.
– Gentle on your skin, gentle on our planet



Ingredients and their benefits:
-Containes extracts from Sea Buckthorn and Chamomile – well known for their caring and soothing properties.
– Sheabutter and caring oils.
– No parabens or dyes.
– 60 ml.