Christmas Gift Set #4

Christmas Gift Set #4 consists of a Liquorice Allsorts box, six recycled drinking glasses, and a recycled carafe. This gift set is available in three different combinations. Brown, Red and Orange depending on which flavor of allsorts is preferred. Please choose an option when purchasing.

The brown option features the liquorice allsorts with LIQUORICE, CHOCOLATE, AND MOCHA. The red option features the liquorice allsorts with BLUEBERRY, GOOSEBERRY, AND STRAWBERRY. The orange option features the liquorice allsorts with lemon, orange and passionfruit.

Handmade liquorice

Gluten and dairy free, this liquorice is handmade on Ærø in Denmark. Read more about the Liquorice Allsorts HERE. Hattesens Konfektfabrik only use the finest raw materials, freeze dried berries and fruits, as well as natural oils and aromas.

Recycled Drinking Glass and Carafe

The recycled drinking glasses and carafe are mouth-blown and uniquely elegant. Read more about the glasses here and the carafe here. Made from local recycled glass in Morocco, each glass has a beautiful turquoise sheen. Both beautiful and sustainable at the same time. The technique behind the carafe is committed to participate in the safeguarding of the sectors of handicrafts that are affected and threatened by globalization.




Additional information

Additional information


Brown, Orange, Red



Recycled Glass. Handmade. Mouth-blown.

Liquorice Allsorts. Natural ingredients. Handmade in Ærø.