Ceramic Lamp LRNCE X YUME

Ceramic Lamp by LRNCE X YUME. These beautiful and unique lamps are done in co-lab between LRNCE and YUME. The terracotta clay-based ceramic is handmade and handpainted by Laurence Leenaert – the designer behind LRNCE. The lampshades are handmade in Denmark using certified organic cotton. Each item is truly unique.

LRNCE’s appreciation of terra cotta started some kilometres outside of Marrakesh when she met a passionate young family business. After two years of learning about the fabrication process of ceramics from the modelling to the firing of the clay, she released a selection of the finest handmade and hand painted pieces.

Each lamp varies in colour on both lamp base and lamp shade, and are sold in YUME Concept Store exclusively. Contact us directly for info on available pieces as well as shipping inquiries. Contact us at CUSTOMERSERVICE@YUMECPH.COM.


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