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23 November 2018
sharing is caring sustainable design inspiration

As you know, we’re all about opening our eyes and paving the way for a life that is as inspirational as it is sustainable. Why? Because in our opinion, you can’t have one without the other these days! So with no further ado, and with no pointed fingers on this particular Friday that is decidedly more black than other Fridays, we’re giving you a few of our heroes. The ones that inspire us to a more sustainable living and the ones that we believe add to our core mission of bridging sustainability and design within their respective fields of operation – that being fashion, design or communication. Our hope is that they will inspire you in your life and show you an array of sustainable options as an alternative to the many one-off deals you will be met with throughout the day.

Below, you will find a small list that is far from exhaustive. Our hope is that you will add to the list with inspirational brands/people/whatever in the comments section below. If you are generous, we will collect all in one big inspirational list. The more we help each other on this mission, the more we can inspire. Wishing you a lovely Friday from the entire YUME-team.


sharing is caring sustainable design inspiration

From left to righ: Feel Good Hoodie by Riley, The ReNew Long Puffer by Everlane, Burgandy Leggings by Organic Basics



London-based RiLEY work intensely with sustainability and work towards becoming part of the circular economy. They work with fabrics created from waste or natural fabrics that are biodegradable. We’re kind of in love with the ‘Feel Good’-hoodie.

Everlane are pioneers when it comes to transparency. They tell honest and open-hearted tales about how their clothes are made. Check out their cost breakdown here, if you wanna know why your clothes cost what they do. We can’t keep our eyes off their ReNew line which features beautiful and soft outerwear made from renewed plastic bottles. The long puffer is a certain hit for cold winter days.


Organic Basics is a Copenhagen-based company that creates sustainable well…basics. Anything from panties to bras to active wear in recycled nylon. A perfect companion for your everyday essentials. The Burgundy leggings made from recycled nylon seem like a good choice for burning off a bit of excess holiday weight.


sharing is caring sustainable design inspiration

From left to right: Little Sun Black Diamond Lamp by Olafur Eliason, Delta Stool in Ecopixel


Ecopixel –

Ecopixel is an innovative sustainable material that is made 100% from shredded plastic material. The material is both recycled and recyclable and thus keeps a nice circular outlook on the use of materials. We’re huge fans of the Delta stool made entirely from the Ecopixel material. Find it here and in our store in Copenhagen.

Studio Olafur Eliasson –

Working somewhere in between the field of design and art, Olafur Eliasson continues to shed light on our humble planet and the challenges we face. With The Little Sun Lamp, Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen have created a lamp for those who live without access to energy – a good example of how design can transform lives. The Little Sun Black Diamond is a clever little lamp that somehow works as well on your terrace or balcony as it does in remote areas with no access to power sources. Every Black Diamond sold brings two solar lamps to areas without reliable access to electricity at an affordable price.

Communication & inspiration

Useless –

Useless blogger, Signe, documents her journey towards a more sustainable wardrobe and more sustainable life in general. Good inspiration for mixing vintage finds with new sustainable clothes plus some great tips on how to lead your life more simple and a tiny bit more sustainable everyday. No pointed fingers. Only a documentation of the struggles we all go through towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

The Good Tradewww.thegoodtrade,com

The Good Trade is a digital media and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles. They provide everyday inspiration for a more conscious life with lots of great guides and tips for like-minded spirits. We are particularly fond of their daily mails with just the right amount of inspirational stories and great tips to get you through the day. If you’re in need of a new pyjamas for the holidays, we suggest you check out their guide to the perfect sustainable Pajamas right here.

Make it last

Make it last is a Swedish-based network of fashion creatives that aim to inspire to a smart, conscious audience and help redefine what the luxury of fashion is. There’s also plenty of inspiration for interior design, guides to cities and much more. If you’re up for it, we suggest you take a look at their conscious guide to Copenhagen.

And now it’s all up to you. Let us know who inspires you. Who moves you. And who you think really stands out from the crowd. Feel free to comment below and remember that sharing really is caring.

A few of the truly sustainable designs in our portfolio. Even the carpet is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles.

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